This Pussy Bites 27/2/21


This Pussy Bites in conjunction with SUSS is proud to be launching the first of a series of all girl gigs on February 27th, 2021 held both live at the Factory Theatre and lived streamed at

In the spirit of global music and arts festival Ladyfest, This Pussy Bites will bring together some of Sydney’s best punk, post punk or simply ‘played with punk sensibilities’ girl bands to raise the roof, holler and stomp and kick live streaming into the stratosphere.

Featuring the psychedelic stylings of Dweeb City, the raw and raucous Bitch Craft and the high octane Fingermae.

Dweeb City – An all-girl magical space band from the Dweebiverse, with hopes of making ears bleed and knees weak with wobbly beatz. We came with dreams of Eurovision greatness, but an arena spectacular will have to do.

Bitch Craft – Bitchcraft formed in Newcastle, NSW with the urgent need to rage and tell stories of revenge, predatory dudes and regretful relationships. With a “fuck you” party attitude, Bitchcraft tear up the stage and may possibly tear you a new one.

Fingermae – Fingermae are Newtown’s premier Jazz Punk outfit. They formed in late 2016 and quickly became known for their ability to fill a quota as well as a fierce live show with a synergy between members that belies regular rehearsal.

Fingermae like to rant about politics in a way that can make you dance, sprinkled with innuendo and a healthy dose of sarcasm. They also have fun songs.

The night will be hosted by the electric Christa Hughes and the irrepressible Celia Curtis.