Poetic Illuminations in V Visions 19.9.21


Poetic Illuminations in Five Visions is the retrospective voyage of a cultural hybrid of poetry, video and music.

Like a film, Poetic Illuminations in Five Visions screens the comings and goings, designing narratives that rise, build, unravel and dissipate.

Poetic Illuminations in Five Visions is like a blank wall on which the moving pictures come to be inscribed, etched on the surface, changing the very texture of the wall. Screening as a live stream show, the experience is itself a wall of emotion pictures, an assemblage of affects. Consuming the video is to ingest an absorption of images, a visual feast – an oral affair.

The Five Visions are five moments of vision-mixing of video-art created by Julian Dave Young for poetry productions performed over more than a decade for Poetry Sydney with soundscapes of original compositions written by Ashley Chatto who passed away in 2012. They are sketches of Chatto & Young in an atmosphere of five cycles, five visions.


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