A Blunt December 5/12/20


Bob Blunt has been a stalwart of Sydney music for over three decades performing in multiple bands, running vibrant events under the banner ‘Blunt Presents’ and even penning the highly acclaimed publication – Blunt: A Biased History of Australian Rock by Bob Blunt.

From Bob – “I am a fan of all things musical. Even as a small youth my mum remembers me throwing coins into the jukebox and dancing messily for the local caravan park’s enjoyment. For nearly two decades I have observed and participated in a period of Australian music history that has been a burgeoning and defining one. My journey has taken me from Sydney to Melbourne, from the suburbs to the city, though always in pubs with sweat and beer-stained carpets polluted, warm electric air. It has been a route well worth travelling.”

SUSS is honoured to have Bob curate an eve of music at the SUSS Studios, Saturday, December 5th.

Shark Arm – SharkArm are two brothers from Sydney Australia who make loud, raw original garage punk/surf/blues rock and roll music.

Beijing Bikini – Featuring former and current members of The Bacchantes, The MoMos, The Baddies and Garry David.

Stone Cold Fox – Born out of the Sydenham Swamp, STONE COLD FOX are: Celia (vox/ percussion) Melissa (bass) Stu (guitar) and Wilton (drums)

The night will be hosted by SUSS luminaries Benito Di Fonzo and Christa Hughes.

A splendid eve is guaranteed for all.